Art History Presentation

The two design movements I’ve focused on are De Stijl/Neo-Plastacism and the Bauhaus, the contemporary designer I’ve researched is Martin Woodtli.

De Stijl’s basic movement principles consist of; working in squares, equality, limited colours –  use of primaries, breaking image down into basic form.

The Bauhaus design ethos encorporates geometric design, respect for practical materials and economic sensibilities. The focus was on work which was both basic and which could be mass produced.
An accomplished respresentative of the new design scene in Switzerland. His work principle is; Enjoy the design process rather than the monetary reward.

Van Doesburg - Counter Composition

Piet Mondrian - Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red

Gerrit Rietweld - Red and Blue Chair

Exterior Design - Hinnerk Scheper

Bauhaus Cradle - Peter Keler

Ancient Sound - Paul Klee

Martin Woodti - Junk Jet

Martin Woodti - Visual Engine

Martin Woodti - Video

I chose Martin Woodtli because there are obvious similarities between his own work and the Bauhaus movement. Although “Video” is very decorative and is much more in-depth than the simplicity of the De Stijl and Bauhaus movements. “Junk Jet” and “Visual Engine” are hard to differentiate between old design and contemporary design, and it’s this fact which links the two strongly; Looking at more of his work, this becomes more obvious.


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