George Orwell Book Covers

These are my four unrefined ideas for my book covers. Each cover corresponds to a theme, and an iconic image representing the principles of the story/content. They are almost finalized. Finishing touches include updating the “Books in this Series” section to properly correspond to each book, and the titles/ISBN information needs updating.

Green (Animal Farm) – Represents the grass from the grounds of the farm. The icon represents the flag of the farm and the splash depicts the mud/messy elements of the pigsty.
Brown (Down and Out in Paris and London) – Represents the bland/dreary colour matter, almost metaphorical for cardboard/newspaper/waste paper stock. The icon of the cigarette butt shows the imagery from the book.
Red (Nineteen-Eighty Four) – This colour shows the stark totalitarian storyline within the book, suitable for satire/dystopia, and shows the absolution of power and oppression.
Blue (Coming Up For Air) – This is the most simplistic representation, as the blue clearly is metaphorical for water, but is also appropriate for calmness, clear-thought, and in turn is good for memories based on halycon days.

Animal Farm

Coming Up For Air

Down and Out in Paris and London

Nineteen-Eighty Four


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