B&W Workshop Evaluation

Images of the newspaper collages were previously posted here.
Designs taken from the newspaper collages were previously posted here.
Materials used: B&W visuals and personal work
Personal Quotation and copy (set in Helvetica)
General Art and Design supplies: Newspaper stock, Sellotape, black & white helvetica typeface character map, glue.

We were asked to create a black and white poster using the Helvetica typeface and existing designs taken from the newspaper collages. We were asked to explore various design elements, I chose to use brightness and contrast. Using one of the newspaper designs, I collaged sections of the Helvetica typeface, white and black paper into the design, using sellotape, mainly because I knew it would give the white paper a textured detail when it was scanned in. I believe that I was successful in conforming to the design elements, but the poster itself was a little boring, I would have preferred to include much type or texture, and would have liked to include symmetry.

At the end of the workshop I had a much better understanding of the design elements, and how to create designs using a hand-made and digital mix (i.e. the printout of the Helvetica typeface). Also that handmade design can be much more beneficial if you have a direction, as a process, it is much quicker and more rewarding than digital design.


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