Design Processes Evaluation

Design Processes Evaluation

At the beginning of the unit, I made experimental collages out of typography and visuals from newspapers and books, taking 5mm, 10mm and 1in sections from these collages using a viewfinder, enlarging them and working them into designs. I chose to use the word fear, and brainstormed visual representations for the word, including thumbnails, this is because I wanted the designs to have a strong association with the word itself.
Using the formal elements of design I created personal designs, based around censorship and the covering up of information. These were done using a basic typographic layout on orange card using Jonothan Barnbrook’s Bastard font. I then used sellotape to tear out sections of the card to create texture, covering up sections of the type with masking tape, and then scanning it in and manipulating it. I then used the viewfinder designs from earlier and cut out sections of the design and layered them behind it. I used blue and orange as a colour scheme because it’s my favourite complimentary colour combination.
The main elements of design I used were: The rule of thirds, harmony and discord, colour and contrast, repetition and flow. These elements helped me to create stronger designs, with a much better visual statement.
I researched Kurt Schwitters, Neville Brody, David Carson, Michelle Thompson and various others. The strongest influence on my work came from the collage based research and Neville Brody’s flat, colour based typography designs.
The final personal work I produced was varied but I did prefer some of the designs I did around half way through the unit. Strengths for my personal work include variety and strong association with the word fear, my main weakness was probably lack of using all the design elements.


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