V501 – Design Manifesto: Absolut Advertisements Case Study

These advertisements don’t conform to scientific consumerism, while some of the adverts are clever, they are not using social consumerist visual stimuli, or consumerist psychology to increase sales from their advertisements. These ads are traditional, and are just as creative as ones which have used a scientific/sales led approach, and in some cases, are more creative because they don’t have limitations. This is what makes the Absolut ads so unique, they aren’t specifically trying to sell the product, they don’t force any beliefs or social pressure on the viewer (i.e. if you don’t buy this product, your life won’t be as happy etc), they are just letting you know what product it is.

From left to right: Absolut 20000 Lieues, Absolut 100, Absolut 19th Brown, Absolut 2001, Absolut 6.0, Absolut Achievement, Absolut 23.5 CM, Absolut -40°, Absolut Arkhangelsk, Absolut Aspen, Absolut Adrenaline, Absolut Auckland, Absolut Autumn, Absolut Albert, Absolut Alps, Absolut Angel, Absolut Amaze, Absolute Amazonia, Absolut Amsterdam, Absolut Ailleurs, Absolut Appeal, Absolut Audition, Absolutly, Absolut Anonymous, Absolut Apology, Absolut Apple, Absolute Armonia.


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