V501 – Design Manifesto: Coca Cola Case Study

These are examples of how advertising has changed over the years. All of these adverts show benefits (real or unreal) you will get from purchasing said company’s product. This is a basic advertising strategy. But I feel design should portray these benefits more realistically. After all buying a bottle of Coca Cola isn’t going to brighten up your day, or bring the sunshine out on a rainy day, so to speak. The same can be said for all the subliminal messages conveyed within these ads: Coke will make you more sociable, Coke will wake you up when your tired, Coke will make you happy, Coke will make you beautiful/be around beautiful people, Coke is the only real product – ignore immitations, and most importantly, Coke will make you successful. Design needs to do away with this form of subliminal messaging, and portray the product for what it is.

From left to right: 1905, Coca Cola Boy and Main at Fountain (1905), 1914, Coca-Cola Coke, Coke, Coca-Cola Coke, Coca-Cola Coke, Coca-Cola Coke, Coca-Cola Coke a little minute for a big rest (1928), Coca-Cola Coke: Delicious and refreshing, Coke Glass Cup Bar Tender Tap T (1937), 1933, Coca-Cola Women Out to Lunch Diner T (1947), Coke Soda Preferred (1954), Coke Coca-Cola “Refresh Yourself” Nice (1952), Coca-Cola “The pause that freshes ‘stops the show'”, 1965, Coca-Cola – “It’s the real thing. Coke” (1976), Diet Coke Glass Straw Taste Coca-Cola (1998), USA Olympic Sprint Coke Coca-Cola Photo (1992), NASCAR Casey Mears No.1 Target Coca-Cola (2004).


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