VC501 – Design Manifesto: 1960’s Cigarette Advertising

These cigarette adverts are quite shocking! It makes me wonder how ignorant people were about their health, but then again maybe they didn’t know the harmful effects of smoking. I’ve included this series of adverts because all of them portray luxury, a good time, money, good health, status, improve socializing, and most importantly – happiness! The idea that these adverts are telling consumers if they buy their cigarettes they will feel happy, but the sad thing about that is cigarettes are addictive, and smokers will not only feel unhappy if they don’t have any cigarettes, they also won’t feel happy because the advert has told them so! Its quite funny.

From left to right: Newport (1962), Kent (1962), Antonio y Cleopatra (1968), Chesterfield (1964), Viceroy (1963), Pall Mall (1963), Philip Morri’s Malboro (1962), Salem (1965), Kent (1965), Pall Mall (1963), Newport (1963), Pall Mall (1969), Tareyton Cigarettes Rather Fight Than Switch (1962), Newport (1965), Viceroy (1965), Kent (1964).


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