VC501 – Design Manifesto: Ethical Consumerism

This post covers ethical consumerism in the advertising/branding and general design context.

Ethical consumerism is becoming more popular. More people are buying products and services which they believe are more ethical. This could be minimal harm or exploitation of humans, which in my opinion is is a direct result of traditional consumerism. It is practiced through ‘positive buying’ or boycotting products they deem unethical. I believe ethical consumerism will lead to a rise on “green” or ethical advertising, in which advertising campaigns aren’t formulated to manipulate the target market.

The rise in ethical consumerism and green brands has led to a rise in ethic-based decisions in a mass market. Businesses that have a green consumer model, and companies that are switching to a more ethical consumerist nature, are making themselves more aware to ethical consumerists. This is itself is niche market, for now. Let’s hope all companies will develop a sense of guilt, both to society and the planet, and they will change their practices. Consumerism is causing mass pollution.

Consumers who use positive buying as a basis for their purchases may do so for one of the following reasons: Fair trade, cruelty free, recycled, reuses or produced locally or they are socially green.


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