VC501 – Design Manifesto: Greenwashing

Greenwash or “green sheen” is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that a company’s policies or products are environmentally friendly.

Greenwashing plays a vital role within consumerism. Many consumers will buy products or services from a company if they are led to believe the company is green or ethically moral. Generally the company which is advertising the fact they are green will have spent more money on the campaign itself than they’ve actually spent on cutting down on their carbon footprint, production waste and emissions etc. The practice is becoming more and more popular by corporate organizations and is just another way for them to trick society into thinking they are operating on a morally just basis. Greenwash advertising is becoming more popular, and companies are using it more, mainly due to the social awareness of creating a green and sustainable world. This advertising is just another example of the science companies are using to make us buy their products.



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