VC501 – Design Manifesto: Various Ads

Some of these adverts are ridiculous! My favourites are the two Wendy’s ads. The taglines are almost lying to thier viewers – the viewer knows what three a day (actually five a day) means, and Wendy’s take on three a day is a triple burger. By using this tagline they are trying to alter the mindset of their customers, and reassuring them that it’s ok to eat a triple burger, they’re nutrious – and after all they’re part of your three a day, because we say so. This is an obvious tactic to boost revenue from guilty/conscious eaters.

The McDonald’s ads are trying to portray the idea that ingredients they use are fresh, and that there are no hidden ingredients, only wholesome foods. The tagline “What is it really made of?” is self-mocking, in that they realise the publics view of fast food includes poor nutritional content, bad ingredients and additives – and to correct this, they do a 360 on the same idea.

The rest of the adverts (the Cover Girl ads, Chanel etc) are self-explanatory. They convey messages of beauty, radiance, wealth and power. The photo of Britney Spears is particularly interesting because it shows a before and after effect of airbrushing applied to the image (The image is from a photoshoot for Candie’s). This is a stark contrast between perfection and imperfection, and the use of airbrushing in modern day advertising to cover up and brainwash us into trying to reach this perfection.

From left to right: Wendy’s Hamburger – Three a Day Restaurant (2000), Wendy’s Hamburger – A Balanced Diet Restaurant (2000), M&M’s Candy Lou Retton Gymnastics (2008), McDonalds.


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