VC501 – Design Manifesto: Post-Consumerism

Companies approach design agencies to create advertising campaigns that will persuade the viewer to purchase their product, and the companies don’t care how the agencies do it. The fact is they are out to make a profit, regardless of our creative input, the social or environmental factors.

Should we conform to social consumerism and handicap our creativity to conform with the advertising direction. Should we care less about the money, more about society and creativity. Company’s are afraid of a world without consumerist culture, but I believe that is where the world is heading. What will we do one were there, and the old style of advertising no longer works?

One things for sure, as designer practitioners, agencies etc – whether it be advertising, branding or product design,we should not dictate to consumers, or use social manipulation to drive sales for companies. The problem with that is will that make design boring? I don’t think it would. A great example of this is the section on Absolut advertisements (which are in an earlier blog post). The Absolut advertisements don’t use psychology, or social consumerism to get a reaction from the viewer, they show the product name, a simple design, photograph, and that’s it. There are no perks, no persuasive language and no lies.


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