VC501 – Design Manifesto: Where Design Is Heading

I believe consumerism will come to an end this century. Design will treat consumerism like it’s unwanted sister, kept away in a draw somewhere. We will see plenty of anti-design and anti-consumerism, most of this is already emerging. Designers such as Jonathan Barnbrook (who signed the First Things First 2000 manifesto) are already creating anti-design, and is designed to oppose consumerism, consumerist advertising, politics, terrorism and communism.

Advertising will become much more simple but also more creative. Ads will be varied, non-conformative, they will be as simple or as complex as required. Gridded arrangements don’t have to be followed,  but the advertisements must have an honest approach. They will contain no subliminal messages and won’t lecture us socially. Companies will advertise in a truthful way, the product will not be portrayed in a way that deceives the consumer.

General design will become more creative, freedom will lead to more choices, we the designers will have more control over what we design. The briefs will be fulfilled in the most socially and environmentally friendly approach possible.


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