VC501 – Disseration Preperation: Initial Questions

My areas of research for my dissertation preparation are: consumerism, green washing and culture jamming.

Has Culture Jamming had an effect on commercial culture?
What impact is Corporate green washing having on ethical consumerism?
What is the impact of anti-consumerism on modern day political and social culture?

I have a big interest in anti-consumerism and culture jamming. I will research all three questions, but of the three at the moment, the first question is the most interesting to me. It will be interesting to see what effect culture jamming has had on our view of consumerism and corporate company advertising campaigns.

Greenwashing is an interesting subject. I’m unsure whether to focus more on the main un-eco corporate companies or delve into research on smaller companies who claim to be green, such as Innocent Smoothies or companies like Starbucks. I will research both areas. The big corporations such as McDonalds and Shell etc will be great to research, mainly because they have employed a tactic of using green-friendly advertising in recent years, and it is clear that both companies arent green (but the research will hopefully speak for itself).

Consumerism has had a profound effect on society as whole. To what extent this impact is – for good or for bad, and how it has helped mold our society today will be of great interest to research.


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