VC501 – Dissertation Preperation: Adbusters

Kalle Lasn, the founder of Adbusters (a culture jamming organization) was interviewed in Satya magazine in May 05. Having read the interview, I’ve picked out the following relevant points. The link to the full review is below:

Extract from the Magazine:

Kalle worked as an advertising executive in Japan until he got fed up with the corruption behind the industry’s claims of “ethical neutrality”. He is the founder of Adbusters, a not-for-profit organization that produces a magazine which battles the attrition of physical and cultural environments.

Why do you think advertising has such a strong effect on the public? I mean there is more to life than consumerism, right?
Advertising is a $450 billion–a year worldwide industry. Advertising is the single most powerful psychological experiment ever carried out on the human race [laughter]. From little babies crawling around the TV set in the living room all the way through to the TV old people are watching in old folks homes, it influences them. And I think there are very, very few people who can actually escape its power or ignore the 40,000 TV commercials you see every year. Or the thousands of little marketing messages that are all over, whether they are little logos on our T-shirts or bubbles that pop up in your face when surfing the Internet. Our mental environment is absolutely saturated, polluted with commercial messages and none of us can escape that. Mothers are going to be watching the mental diet of their children the same way they watch the physical diet.


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