VC501 – Dissertation Preperation: Banksy

Banksy is a renowned culture jammer. He is an artist who, although he is known for his art that is shown in art galleries, is most popular for his graffiti. Banksy’s culture jamming designs have a strong commentary and political influence behind them. Banksy’s identity remains anonymous because of the legality of his work. Along with that image, Banksy posted an explanation of the Broken Window Theory along with a letter to contradict it. Basically the Broken Window Theory states that if vandalism or graffiti are visible, more crime is likely to occur because it is perceived as a place where people can get away with crime. The letter posted next to this theory basically asks Banksy to stop putting his work in the letter writer’s neighborhood because it is getting too much attention from people and the media and more people want to move into his neighborhood. What a genius way for Banksy to prove the theory wrong.

His take on rats in relation to culture jamming is genius. Banksy says that the reason he likes rats is because rats start off small, at the bottom, and before you know it, they are everywhere. This should be the basis of culture jamming.

The two most important things culture jamming can take from Banksy is: break the mold (Broken Window Theory) and take advantage of being a rat. Banksy started out as a rat, and now people are traveling from all over the world to see his rats. Take advantage of anonymity and grow.

Banksy is popular because of both of those reasons and his ability to sell himself. He has stayed anonymous on purpose, but has still done interviews, released videos of executing his work, and has even published a book on his work and some of his genius thoughts.


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