B&W Workshop Evaluation Images of the newspaper collages were previously posted here. Designs taken from the newspaper collages were previously posted here.   Materials used: B&W visuals and personal work Personal Quotation and copy (set in Helvetica) General Art and Design supplies: Newspaper stock, Sellotape, black & white helvetica typeface character map, glue. We were … Continue reading

Design Processes Evaluation

Design Processes Evaluation At the beginning of the unit, I made experimental collages out of typography and visuals from newspapers and books, taking 5mm, 10mm and 1in sections from these collages using a viewfinder, enlarging them and working them into designs. I chose to use the word fear, and brainstormed visual representations for the word, … Continue reading

Design Process Collages – Abstracting using a 5mm Viewfinder

These designs were produced using a 5mm viewfinder and extracting interesting sections from the typography and visual collages.

Design Process Collages

Arranged and randomly placed collages of typography and visuals. 1. Typography only 2. Visuals only 3. A mixture of typography and visuals.

Final George Orwell Book Cover Designs

After scrapping the icon-based designs for the book covers, I decided to go for something more sinister and bold – namely sillouhettes. The silouhettes are in a series and relate to each books content.

Blog Logo Design

Attatched is a PDF of scans of sketchbook work for my blog logo. I had no set idea of what I wanted my logo to look like, I designed it purely in the knowledge that it would be used as an icon. Looking at the designs retrospectively, its clear  i’ve (subconsciously) gone for more blocky, … Continue reading

George Orwell Book Covers

These are my four unrefined ideas for my book covers. Each cover corresponds to a theme, and an iconic image representing the principles of the story/content. They are almost finalized. Finishing touches include updating the “Books in this Series” section to properly correspond to each book, and the titles/ISBN information needs updating. Green (Animal Farm) … Continue reading

Everyday Photos

My final photographs taken of an everyday subject – a level crossing/trainline.

Remix project

Kashmir’s Album Covers

Kashmir’s album “No Balance Palace”  and Singles “The Cynic”, “The Curse of Being A Girl”, “She’s Made of Chalk” and “Kalifornia” all use designs from the Russian Constructivist (Lissitzky) and Bauhaus movements. The albums are very clearly influenced by the movements.